List 2: Things I’m Good At

List 2: Things I’m good at:

  1. Procrastination, which is why I am messing about on the computer and not finishing the sewing projects or cleaning the house like I should be.
  2. Steaming Milk, I worked in a cafe (kinda wish I still was) and I was able to set the milk to steaming and know right when it hit 160.
  3. Hand Stitching a Hem, if you ever want a garment hem invisible, I can do it for you in the course of a movie and not a single stitch will be visible to the world.
  4. Eating Sweets, I love eating healthy foods, but it’s the sweets that do me in. I could eat an entire pie in a couple of days.
  5. Making Lists, I make a to do list nearly every day, grocery lists, project lists, photo ideas, cleaning, homework, work, everything gets a list. They have to be on paper, I just can’t work off a list from my phone.

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